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My Work

  Over the last thirteen years I must have visited well over a thousand schools, libraries and festivals to perform my work and lead fun and exciting poetry writing workshops for children from Reception up to Year 6.

  I have twice been observed by OFSTED inspectors and on both occasions my work was deemed to be “Challenging and exciting for primary aged children!”

   l also come highly recommended by the Education and Cultural Services Directorate at Lancashire LEA who describe me as “A five star performer and leader of workshops!”

Primary Schools

   Writing and performing high quality poetry is a real and valuable skill well within reach of all children in our primary schools. As a professional children's poet I can organise a fantastic day tailored to your school.

 - Professional children's poet.
- Workshops for children.
- Age range from reception up to Year 6.
- Twice scrutinized by OFSTED
. - Comprehensive track record of published work.
 - Two volumes of children's poetry for the Excellence in Cities Initiative in the North of England.
- Fully endorsed by the Poetry Society, London.

    On a typical day in school I often begin with a performance of my work. My performances are packed with rhyme, rhythm, fun and interaction with the children and teachers. Listening and interacting with my work first thing in the morning acts as a great inspiration to the children and gives them some idea of the type of poetry I would like them to attempt later in the day.

    After the assembly I move onto my writing workshops. The whole idea of my workshops is to give the children an opportunity to plan, write, edit and perform their own unique piece of poetry. Children in KS1 often work in groups and partners to produce their work, however with KS2 I strive for the children to write more ambitious poetry in a variety of styles also with partners but ultimately individually. 

    At the end of the day I like to lead a final celebration assembly where we choose a small group of children from each workshop to perform their work for the rest of the school. Many schools invite parents to this part of the day and as all the children are very excited and the workshops are all different, this always proves to be one of the great highlights of the day.

    Some schools like to focus upon certain classes or Key Stages within a day giving an hours’ session to different individual classes. However very often schools want to give every class an opportunity to work with me. To help timetable a day I don’t mind if I work with two or even three classes at a time. Larger sessions like this often take place in the hall where I like to make use of the school laptop, projector and flipchart. With very large schools, working with every class in one day can be difficult. For schools such as this I recommend two or even three days to give the children the maximum opportunity to produce their very best work.

    After school I often lead a book sale, usually in the hall, to give the children an opportunity to buy one of my poetry books.

   Please feel free to contact the local/ National press/TV to come into school to cover the event. In my experience they are often keen to run the story and this is free and positive publicity both for me and your school.

International Schools

   While the bulk of my work in schools is here in the UK, I have, over the years, visited many international schools in Europe and beyond including :

 Park Lane International School, Czech Republic
British International School Prague, Czech Republic
Runneymede College, Madrid
Southlands School, Rome
The Core School, Rome
St George’s School, Rome
St Catherine’s School, Athens
Brussels Int School
The Violen School, Holland
St George’s Vevey, Switzerland
Cite Scolaire, Lyon
Kampala International School, Uganda

amongst many others.

Library Visits

   I am in continual demand for performances and workshops in libraries all over the UK. Just very recently I have appeared in libraries in York, Stockport, Rochdale, Blackburn, Warrington, Bolton, Bury, Lancashire, Salford, Newcastle and Blackpool.
   The kind of work that I do in libraries can vary a lot. Some days I am based within one library and different schools and classes come out to me for performances and poetry workshops. On other days I can be busy travelling around to many different branches for a mini tour of that particular town - both of which I am very happy to do!

Wigan Athletic FC

    Since 2009 I have been the official poet in residence at Wigan Athletic FC and was recently nominated for a prize at the MBNA North West Football Awards 2011 featured on SKY TV.
    As Poet In Residence at Wigan Athletic I have lots of fun attending matches, working with Wigan’s Primary Schools and meeting the players. With funding from the Barclays Premier League and the English FA I am able to promote poetry and creativity to all the schools in Wigan and the surrounding areas.

Match of the Day BBC1! Plus other work.
Very recently I was lucky enough to have my work featured on BBC1’s Match of the Day!
My work as the official poet-in-residence at Wigan Athletic Football Club requires me to work with all the primary schools in Wigan and the surrounding areas on their excellent Latics for Literacy scheme. This FA and Premier League funded initiative combines literacy skills and football coaching to encourage the children to improve their skills both in and out of the classroom.
    On a cold November afternoon in Chorley the Match of the Day team came along to St Bernadette’s RC Primary School to see the sorts of work we were doing. The five minute feature was eventually broadcast on Match of the Day on BBC1 in November 2011.
   Also featured here is a recent poem I performed at St Chad's C of E in Wilmslow.


 Prices vary depending upon time of year. Please contact me for details.

    I have a fully up to date and advanced CRB check.

 email me

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